Rail transport of oversized cargo

Optimal logistics schemes and the availability of specialized rolling stock make the transport of oversized goods by rail the most economical form of cargo transport.

The transit and export-import transport of oversized goods by rail provide consignors and consignees with the following advantages:

  • profitability - the cost of transportation may be reduced by using railway transport, as many cargoes are oversized for road transport, but their dimensions meet standards of transport by rail;

  • high carrying capacity - the carrying capacity of covered wagons is three times as high as that of trucks;

Transport of containers by rail

The "SACLIN" company provides transportation services of different goods in different ways. The most demanded method is the delivery of goods by rail. The popularity of this functionality is attributed to accessibility and affordable rates. In order to transport containers by rail or goods in container wagons, we provide the following services:

  • detailed logistic analysis leading to a good delivery scheme;

  • loading and unloading operations;

  • insurance and forwarding throughout the route;

  • unconditional observance of the delivery times specified in the contract;

  • documentation and assistance in customs control.

Advantages of container transport by rail:

Rail transport is advantageous from other modes. The main advantages are:

  • the ability to move any materials and raw materials over long distances;

  • compliance with modern technological standards enables the creation of the required microclimate in the wagons to preserve the freshness of foodstuffs and medicines;

  • the rigidity of the structure ensures the reliable protection of the goods against external influences;

  • guaranteed preservation of the goods by sealing the wagons after loading;

  • multimodality - transport to the destination using two or three modes of transport without transshipment.

The "SACLIN" company is a reliable partner in the field of cargo transportation.

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