Multimodal transport is the transport of any cargo by two or more modes of transport organized by one company. The carrier may use the transport of other firms for his own purposes. However, the sole responsibility for the delivery of the goods to the customer lies with the carrier, as one contract is concluded for the entire route of the goods. To calculate the cost of transportation, the operator takes into account many factors, such as type of cargo, time and destination, season, availability of convenient flights.

Types of multimodal transport

Land. Multimodal rail and road cargo transport. The most common type of transport is the developed road and rail network, which allows goods to be transported within and outside the country at short notice. Such transport is usually combined with maritime transport when goods need to be transported to or from the port.

Multimodal transport has its pros and cons, which need to be taken into account in order to reduce the cost and speed up the delivery of goods along a given route.

Possible transport combinations:

· maritime transport + road transport;

· road transport + maritime transport + road transport;

· road transport + maritime transport + railway transport;

· road transport + railway transport;

· maritime transport + railway transport.

All costs such as transshipment, port forwarding, port storage, etc., are always taken into account in the calculation of the multimodal service.

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